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Become an SOS Tutoring Class Rep!


By joining SOS as a Class representative

In first or second year? We have the perfect role that's flexible, fitting with any busy schedule requiring only 15 minutes (or less) of work each week, all on your own time. Plus, it will help you increase your GPA (97% of past class representatives said so!).

Since 2008, SOS Tutoring has helped over 50,000 Concordia students succeed in their courses and exams through supplemental online learning content. All the while, hundreds of Class Reps have gained valuable entry-level work experience to add to their resumes and more importantly, worked with purpose making sure our SOS Instructors have the course knowledge needed to create the most effective exam prep materials.

This isn’t your average part-time job with long evening or weekend shifts. As an SOS Class Rep, you’ll be given the autonomy to fulfill weekly tasks remotely on your own time, working from wherever you work best.  Find out what makes this opportunity and SOS different below.

Apply directly through the form below – takes approx. 2 minutes.

Who you are

A current university student enrolled in undergraduate courses. 

Organized: Grades and school are important to you

Communicative: You excel in communicating feedback and ideas for how something can be improved in a timely manner, both written and verbally

Experience-Driven: You are looking to build skills, gain professional experience and add to your resume

Professional: When you say something will get done, you follow through


The Goods of the role

Free Weekly Tutorials, Midterm & Final Exam Prep, and Mock Exams – $700+ value per course

Expert Tutoring – Get direct access to your SOS instructor (subject and course expert) for any needed help

Reference Letter for Reps who meet or exceed expectations so you can distinguish yourself when applying for future opportunities, provided upon request

Flexible, minimal hours and entry-level startup experience

Referral and end-of-semester bonuses


Weekly Updates: You will provide weekly ‘course news’ updates of what you are studying in class, what topics are proving to be difficult, and what you need to focus on for your upcoming exam

Provide Feedback: Help our instructors make the most helpful exam prep possible for your classmates by providing feedback.

Answer Questions: Work with your SOS instructor making sure their few questions are answered in a timely manner via email

Learn: Utilize the SOS resources to learn as much as you can. Better grades included

Educate: Spread the word about SOS throughout your university and share study resources with classmates

Who we are

We are obsessed with creating the most effective, efficient and affordable study resources for students. SOS prides itself on being open and transparent so if you have a question, ask away, we’ll answer. We want you to use this opportunity not only to help us reach our goals but to help you reach yours. You will be an integral part of the SOS Team, collectively working to help students achieve their full academic potential and reach their career goals. Trust us, it feels good to work with meaningful purpose.

We acknowledge when a job is well done and we typically promote within the company. We look for greatness and we reward it.

For any inquiries regarding the Class Rep position, feel free to email us, at 

What are you waiting for, apply now!

Become an SOS Tutoring Marketing Rep!

Work-from-anywhere  |  Unlimited earning potential  |  Start-up experience

Looking for an online part-time job where you can gain excellent work experience, build your resume, help other students with their schoolwork, and meet new friends all at once? 

Montreal’s #1 tutoring company is hiring a group of top talent students to help promote crash courses, mock exams and weekly tutorials. Be part of a dynamic team in the fast growing ed-tech industry!

What you will do: 

Share upcoming study sessions across your social media channels
Spread the word about SOS with students on campus, offering information and creating brand awareness
Develop innovative, unique and creative ways to promote our courses

Who you are:

A past or current client. You loved your experience with us and believe in the services we offer 
Outgoing (we will ask you to talk to complete strangers)

This is the ideal position for you if you want to:

Earn additional income
Get 50% off  all crash courses and mock exams
Work around your own schedule with flexible hours
Build relevant marketing experience
Help your community and other students discover an amazing learning resource and achieve their top test scores


Grow within our organization
Letter of recommendation

Know anyone who would be a great exam prep instructor?

Recommend them in 30 seconds by filling out this form and if we hire them we'll give you a $100 referral reward. 

Applying takes only a few seconds.

Live Exam-Prep Instructor

SOS Tutoring is seeking enthusiastic and dynamic instructors with in-depth knowledge of subject matter at the university level, an aptitude for teaching and a desire to help students reach their full academic potential.

As an SOS Tutoring instructor, you’ll be tasked with teaching quality exam prep review sessions & weekly tutorials in a live format tailored to specific first- and second-year university courses.

If you think you have what it takes to excel in a fast paced teaching environment, we want you to join the SOS team!


• BTM 200 - Fundamentals of Information Technology
• COMM 205 - Business Communication
• COMM 222 - Organizational Behaviour and Theory
• COMM 223 - Marketing Management I
• COMM 226  - Business Technology Management

What it’s like to work at SOS Tutoring

You’ll thrive with SOS; we provide all the resources, training and equipment you’ll need to become a top online educator, plus these additional benefits:

• Competitive compensation (details below)
• Opportunities for growth
• Unmatched online and in-person teaching experience
• Access to students across Canada, the U.S. and internationally and detailed student feedback to assist your professional development
• Become part of our ever-growing network of SOS Instructors


SOS offers $100 to $150 per hour of teaching. Further, we are hiring for both part-time and full-time roles in all subject areas and are work-from-home / remote-friendly.


• Flexible teaching schedules tailored to your availability
• Easily work around your other work and academic obligations
• Most teaching is on weekends (occasionally weeknights)
• Prep sessions for midterms are 4-8 hours over 1 or 2 days
• Prep sessions for final exams are 6-12 hours over 2 or 3 days


• Have comprehensive knowledge of the subject(s) and/or university-specific course(s) for which you want to teach review sessions.
• Have previous teaching, tutoring and/or TA experience.
• Have strong communications skills and be able to relate to students and the difficulties they face.
• Have an excellent command of spoken English and be comfortable teaching students with all levels of English-language comprehension.
• Be comfortable teaching large groups of students in an online/in-person setting (50+).
• Be comfortable simplifying course material and engaging students.
• Have advanced problem-solving skills and can draft original questions and solutions.
• Possess excellent writing and time management skills.
• Be interested in a long-term position.


For any inquiries regarding this position, feel free to email Wize’s hiring manager, Vlad, by email at


Is this role not for you, but you know someone who could be a great instructor? Refer them to us and you'll receive $500 if they teach a successful crash course!

Refer a Live Prep Instructor

Do you know someone who could be a great instructor based on the job description above?

Refer them to us and you'll receive $500 if they teach a successful crash course!

SOS Tutoring and Wize Live Prep Client Support


The Client Support job for SOS Tutoring and Wize Live Prep is an exciting opportunity for someone keen to work from home, but still work in client facing roles. You will work closely with the Manager of Live Prep, and your tasks will principally be related to the SOS Tutoring brand at Concordia University in Montreal, with additional support as-needed with Wize’s Live Prep offerings at Western University in London and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities include monitoring and responding to help requests via the in-house Intercom system, answering student emails, and engaging with student clients via Discord and other Social Media channels as needed within 11am to 7pm EST working hours Wednesday through Sunday, with Monday and Tuesday off as well as supporting the Wize Live Prep team with other administrative tasks.

Client Support

Answer and triage incoming questions through the SOS Tutoring and Wize Live Prep platforms pertaining to live study or tutoring sessions. Questions might include resharing Zoom links for ongoing sessions for which students are registered, sharing the schedule of tutoring sessions with students who cannot find the dates/times, and other responses to student queries in a timely manner.

Respond to student queries as quickly as possible in real time, as many of the questions will be time sensitive (“where is my Zoom link?” “is it too late to sign up?” etc.).

Monitor and respond to student queries received through FB/Instagram messenger and/or Discord as needed.

Maintain a polite, professional, and respectful attitude towards both internal and external stakeholders.
This portion of the job requires synchronous, real-time communication between the hours of 11am to 7pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Students with questions or concerns often need their anxieties reduced quickly and efficiently.


Administer Live Sessions

SOS Tutoring and Wize Live Prep offer both weekly tutoring sessions and exam-focused cram sessions for specific courses at specific universities. Your job will be to ensure that these weekly sessions or live sessions that fall between 11am and 7pm Wednesday to Sunday start on time, and all registered students are able to access the materials.
Troubleshoot any problems in real time to do with the running of any live sessions.
Upload and share relevant pdfs notes for these live tutoring sessions so that the registered students have the requisite custom materials for the sessions they sign up for.


Administrative Support

On days/times when no live sessions are scheduled during the 11am to 7pm working shift, you will help the Director of Operations with scheduling and administrative tasks as needed. This includes, but is not limited to analyzing course content for planned exam cram sessions on various campuses.


Location & Hours

Ideally you'd be based in Montreal to support Concordia University initiatives, but you can work remotely from elsewhere.

Your hours are 11am-7pm Wednesday through Sunday, with Monday and Tuesdays off.

You get benefits and a generous holiday allowance.


A Bit about SOS Tutoring and Wize

SOS Tutoring is the premier crash course, mock exam, and tutoring service for JMSB students at Concordia University in Montreal and is owned and operated by Wize, one of Canada's fastest growing EdTech start ups. Ours is a young, diverse, and dynamic team where there's room to grow as we scale rapidly. Join the team early and grow your career with us!

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